Mother Venus


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Mother Venus belongs to the Before the Beginning of Times* universe.

This is a unique mixed media ornament. It was modelled, 3d printed in resin and painted by myself

*Before the beginning of Times narrates the dystopian era where humanity is close to extinction, opening a new chapter for life on Earth.

This project is manifested in different formats, having in foreground unique 1/6th scale action figures.

After the Great Event, women living near the border of the two worlds conceived children who showed a combination of peculiarities and disabilities never seen before. Not only did all the mothers give birth to twins or triplets, but the children were born albino and deaf. The children with this set of anomalies were called the children of Venus.
The popularity of the children of Venus only declined from the very beginning. The stigma led them to be killed or exiled from society. With the travel restriction between the old and new world, and the fear of conceiving more children with this disorder, society moved away from the Great Frontier, bringing the number of living children of Venus close to zero.
Venuses captured by wendigos, a species inhabiting the new world of Gravis have been transformed into Mother Venuses. A hybrid with special capabilities.

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