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Cthulhu Idol - Many legs + TRC collaboration


Dagon Idol - Many Legs + TRC collaboration


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Boy Magnet Nr.2

Boy Magnet Nr.1

Mother Venus


The Collector

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What is it all about?

BTBOT is a dystopian cosmic horror create by Many Legs

Who is Many Legs?

My name is Marcelo (AKA Many Legs) and I was born in Brazil. Being a very curious child, I tried to sketch drawings of human anatomy from my mother’s biology books at the age of four. I was always a very detail-oriented child and the complexity of anatomy fascinated me. 

The things I remember most about my childhood are drawing, painting, playing with Lego and collecting action figures. The small details in miniatures are something that has always caught my attention. I collected action figures from the age of eight until I was 13. The biggest part of my collection is McFarlane, which has a horror theme.

During my teenage years, my interest expanded and besides drawing, I did a lot of photography and video production. In Brazil I started to study graphic design. But then I dropped out because I decided to go abroad.

Between 2009 and 2012 I was in Germany and for the first time, I was in Italy for about six months, in a small town with two thousand inhabitants and little contact with the outside world, as I only had poor reception on my mobile phone. The experience of isolation helped my creativity a lot because I was focused and could write many stories. Since I have Italian citizenship, I had no legal issues in Europe. In 2012 I started to study communication design in Düsseldorf – Germany. After that, I worked as a graphic designer from 2017 to 2021.

Already in 2019, I started thinking about changing my job because I didn’t feel comfortable in the media industry anymore. I felt that something was missing. I reflected on my problem and remembered what had made me happy in the past. My first thought was the fascination for action figures I had as a child. So I decided to buy a collectible action figure (Hot Toys branded). When I held an action figure in my hands for the first time in a long time, my creativity came to life again. I began to make plans and, with the help of my professional knowledge of 3D modelling, to create my own figures. My experience both as a graphic designer and my previous experience with different media, are a good foundation for developing my own action figures. So I bought a 3D printer and started making my first prototypes. I also started networking with other collectors and artists around the world who also make their own figures.

And here I am now.